Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is downloaded to your device when you visit a website. A cookie makes it possible for a website to recognise your device and gather information about the pages and features visited. It also helps maintain your choices when navigating on our site or returning to it at a later time. Cookies are used by virtually all websites and are usually a prerequisite for the site or digital channel to work.

In this policy, the term “cookie” refers to a number of different tracking technologies such as pixel tags (transparent graphic images placed on a web page or in an email which indicates that a page or email has been viewed), mobile device identifiers, and web storage used in desktop software or mobile devices.

By browsing SignalADoc websites and apps, you agree to the use of cookies.

First- and third-party cookies

First-party cookies are set by the website that you are visiting at that time, either by us or by a third party at our request.

Third-party cookies are set by a party other than that of the website you are visiting. If you visit any of our websites or apps and another party sets a cookie through that website this would be a third-party cookie.

How we use cookies

In SignalADoc’s digital channels, domains and apps, we use cookies for several reasons related to functionality, analysis and marketing. They help us to give you a good experience as you browse our site and to provide you with relevant content and marketing. Some of these cookies are essential for the functionality of the site, while others are used to enhance usability and your experience. We use the following types of cookies:

Performance / Analytics

To analyse how websites and apps perform and are used. We use this information to maintain, operate, and improve our websites and apps. We may also obtain information from our email communication including whether you opened or forwarded a newsletter or clicked on any of its content. This information tells us about our email communications’ effectiveness and helps us ensure that we’re delivering information to you that you find interesting.


To operate certain functions of the websites and apps in line with the choices you make so that when you continue to use or come back to the websites or apps, we can provide you with our services as you have asked for them to be provided, such as remembering your settings, and ensuring your site’s pages look consistent.


To display relevant advertising in third party channels (such as search engines and social media) based on first- or third-party advertising cookies that collects information on your activity across our websites and apps. We don’t use your health data for the purpose of serving you with advertising.

Remove cookies

If you, now or in the future, want to say no to cookies or to delete them, you can do so via the settings in your browser that allow you to block all cookies or any of them.

See further details on the websites of the main browsers:

Google Chrome [link to:]

Safari [link to:]

Mozilla Firefox [link to:]

Internet Explorer [link to:]

If you choose a setting in your browser that blocks all cookies, you may not be able to access all or part of our site. To find out more, you can visit

To opt-out of our interest-based advertising, you can sometimes click on icons for advertising settings included in the ad. If no such icons are included, you can visit the websites of the main advertising organizations to get more information and to learn how to opt-out. See for example, or

Personal data

To the extent we collect or otherwise process personal data in the context of this cookie policy, such information will be used as described in our privacy notice link. The privacy policy also contains information on which company of the SIGNALADOC group that is responsible for processing your personal data, information about your rights and how to exercise them, and other relevant information regarding our processing of your information.

Changes to this Policy

If we make material changes to this Policy, we’ll provide you with clear notice e.g. by displaying a prominent notice on our websites, within our apps or by sending you an email.


Contact us at if you have any questions about this cookie policy.

This Policy applies from 1 August 2019.